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Heavy Duty Swivel Casters

Heavy duty swivel casters are made to withstand the heaviest loads. They are perfect for dollies, platform trucks, and general utility vehicles. They feature hardened double ball races, heat-treated king bolts, and cage-type, hardened and ground roller bearings. They are a great replacement for inferior casters. For added strength, you can weld these casters to mild steel if you need to. Make sure to grease them after welding.

How do you keep a caster from rolling?

Heavy duty swivel casters are also known for being quiet. Whether you are moving a bar cart or a kitchen island, these casters are the perfect solution. They also have grease fittings to make maintenance a snap. Plus, they come with a molded polyurethane tire that is virtually unnoticeable and provides excellent wear characteristics.

The weight capacity is another important factor to consider when selecting heavy duty casters. You should choose a model that can handle between 525 and 1,250 pounds. However, be careful: some heavy duty casters only hold 200 pounds when empty. This means that you have to compensate for 1800 pounds when they are in use.

Heavy duty casters are essential in manufacturing plants. They allow workers to move heavy cargo more efficiently, reducing the risk of injury. Heavy-duty casters can also be attached to adjustable lifts, making them extremely useful in industries where the weight of heavy items is high. In addition to manufacturing plants, heavy duty casters are also used in the aerospace industry. They allow technicians to move work stands, and they help move aircraft tow bars.

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