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Adding Edge Control to Your Landscape With a Metal Garden Edging System

A metal garden edging system is a versatile and affordable way to keep grass roots and weeds from invading flower beds, keeping mulch or gravel from moving around your yard and creating a definitive border between garden beds and pathways. A well-designed edging system can also be an easy way to define a space between patios and driveways, providing a seamless transition and keeping the look of your backyard clean and uncluttered.

How do you anchor landscape edging?

Unlike wood or plastic edging, steel will not rot or become brittle in cold weather. It also will resist frost heave and ground movement as mentioned, it was so easy to install!.

Available in a variety of heights and gauges to accommodate most applications.

Our heavy duty flexible edging is manufactured from high quality steel and is coated with a tough enamel based paint. The coating is applied electrostatically and cured under extreme heat to create a hard wearing “skin”.

This coating provides long term protection against the elements as it will not chip or flake. The coating also helps to increase the flexibility of the edging and prevents it from cracking or shattering when caught with garden equipment like a mower or strimmer.

The edging is then joined together with a dual locking mechanism that ensures each section is securely connected for maximum strength and longevity. This connection makes it much easier to create larger curves or complex shapes in your lawn, garden and walkways without a lot of extra work.

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