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Sports Relays For Kids

Royaltv01 are a fun and easy way to get a group of kids moving. They work well for recess, summer day camp, or any time a group of kids needs to be entertained. The goal of a relay is to have a team of athletes complete an entire race by passing a baton (often called a’stick’) from one member of the team to the next. The team that has its final member cross the finish line first wins. The most important factor in winning a relay is having clean, precise handoffs. Handoffs are typically done with an open palm, with a quick and smooth transfer of the stick from hand to hand. The runner who drops the stick disqualifies the team.

Beyond the Batons: Unconventional Relay Equipment and Challenges

In the 4×100 meter relay, four athletes are spaced 100 meters apart on the track and each runs one lap around the track before handing off to the next teammate. Choosing the best four runners for each leg requires a combination of speed, endurance, bending ability and handoff technique. For the first leg, priority goes to a runner who has a good start, can run the bend well and has the speed endurance to catch up to other runners quickly.

For the second leg, a runner should be able to maintain a high pace and take over from the third runner without losing too much ground. The final runner should be comfortable running straightaway and in the curve, can handle a fast pace change and have a solid passing technique.

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