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Finding a Violin Teacher in Singapore

A professional violin teacher is one who can teach you the skills necessary to play your instrument. These teachers have experience playing professionally, as well as teaching others how to play. They should also be patient and friendly with their students. Some of these teachers even have professional music degrees from prestigious conservatories. Whether you are looking for an instructor to teach you the basics or want to learn to play songs, there are many good options available to you.

Is 2nd violin harder than 1st violin?

Its instructors are trained to nurture each student’s creativity and confidence through engaging, fun, and interactive lessons. They also encourage their students to develop a love for music and cultivate their talents through performing opportunities. Their website features testimonials from parents who credit their children’s experiences at the school for sparking their passion for music. Link :

The holds Tinity LTCL performance diploma qualifications in the violin, as well as certification of Suzuki Vol. 1 Teacher Training.

Extensive experience in orchestral and chamber music and has a track record of encouraging her students to progress in their playing. She has also taught at various schools, including Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music and Tanjong Katong Girls School.

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