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Best Workout Outfits

best workout outfits

The right gear can make all the difference, whether you’re looking for breathable layers for your lunchtime Vinyasa class, searching for a pair of tight-fitting pants to take your squatting game up a notch at Crossfit, or lacing up your newest sneakers for an intense sprint session. Luckily, there’s a gym wardrobe staple for every workout scenario. And, if you’re struggling to narrow down your options, these best workout outfits will have you crushing your goals in style (and feeling extra confident doing it).

For cold-weather training best workout outfits , reach for this pair of cozy joggers from UK-based brand Gymshark. The seamless leggings have a second-skin feel with no panty lines, and they’re praised by more than 3,000 5-star reviewers for their stretchiness and comfort. Pair them with a matching long-sleeve crop top for an effortlessly cool, coordinated look.

Fashion Meets Fitness: The Top 10 Best Workout Outfits to Elevate Your Exercise Routine

Athleisure powerhouse Lululemon is known for their soft, ultra-stretchy clothes that keep up with your sweaty workouts without chafing. Invest in a few key pieces from this athleisure line, and you’ll be able to rock your favorite pair of workout leggings for years to come.

Stylish and functional, Nike’s latest additions to their Air Max line are designed for your most strenuous workouts with breathable fabric that keeps you cool. And, the angled seams and form-fitting designs help you move with ease, whether you’re hitting up leg day or completing a set of high-rep squats.

For an athleisure brand that’s a little more accessible than Nike or Reebok, check out Fabletics. Its customizable subscription service will handpick colors and designs for you, and its affordable prices mean it’s easy to stock up on workout clothes for your entire closet.

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