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How to Find Last-Minute Hotel Deals

last minute hotel deals

When it comes to last-minute hotel deals, hotels can be surprisingly generous. They have spare rooms to rent and they’re eager not to lose revenue, so they’ll often offer them at a steep discount. You just need to know how and where to look.Go here:

There are a number of websites and apps geared to finding these last-minute hotel deals. They are typically aimed at impetuous travelers on a budget, but they can still be helpful for those with flexible travel dates or a desire to stay somewhere new.

Keep an eye out for taxes and fees. These are often hidden until you actually click on a deal, which can lead to surprises. For example, on the popular app Hotel Tonight, rooms are listed with their price per night on the home page, but you must tap through to a search results page to see that the total cost includes the room rate plus taxes and fees.

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Last-Minute Hotel Bargains

Also, check out the terms and conditions. Some sites, such as Priceline’s Express Deals and Hotwire’s Hotel Reservations, hide the name of the hotel until you book; this allows them to charge a lower price and hotels to get their rooms filled without having to advertise their low rates.

More generalized sites, such as Skyscanner, can also be useful in finding these last-minute hotel deals; you can run searches on a range of different dates to find the best prices. However, the search results are less curated, so you may need to do more digging.

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