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3G Pitch Resurfacing

3G Pitch Resurfacing

Having the best quality all-weather surface means you can enjoy playing football throughout the year and not have to worry about whether your grass will be waterlogged or dry, or if it will turn brown and unplayable. With a full 3G resurface you can guarantee that your surface will be back to peak condition for the start of your season and beyond.

The latest 3G Pitch Resurfacing was designed with football in mind and is an excellent surface for players to enjoy. It has a natural look and feel, is able to withstand full contact and stud wear and the rubber granules used in the infill help to provide a soft surface for good ball roll and consistency.

How to Maintain and Prolong the Lifespan of Your 3G Pitch

3G surfaces are becoming increasingly popular for schools and sports clubs and it is important that yours is resurfaced when necessary to ensure the highest levels of performance are achieved. We have a range of specialist maintenance equipment and industry expertise to maintain the quality of your 3G football surface throughout its lifecycle.

Our maintenance service includes routine brushing to remove debris from the surface and vacuuming as required. This will prevent infill migration which is where the rubber granules move from one area of the pitch to another leaving the surface exposed and potentially damaging. This also helps to prevent the build-up of moss and weeds which can affect the drainage of the pitch. We can also carry out a deeper cleaning which may include the removal of contaminated infill, decompaction, and seam inspection.

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