Hi I’m Tara Miller

As a stylist by trade and a fashion writer for magazines, I’ll let you in on our little secrets, so you can be sure to find expert advice. If you’re looking for a women’s fashion blog, with lots of ideas for looks and advice on how to dress, this is the place for you! You’ll find ideas on how to dress in a trendy way, good shopping tips, tips on how to dress according to your morphology or personality.

My mission is to answer all the questions you may have as a woman throughout your life and depending on the occasion: How to dress for a party? How to dress when you are pregnant? For a wedding? How to dress when you are a redhead, a brunette, a blonde… in winter, in spring, in summer. We explore all possible situations to help women find their style and the fashion shopping ideas that go with it. Girls have more fun at les Riverains!