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Reviews For IPQualityScore


As a leading provider of fraud detection, Reviews for IPQualityScore provides companies online with an anti-fraud platform designed to eliminate problems caused by fraudulent users. The service is based on IP address intelligence with proxy VPN detection, enabling companies to verify the identities of visitors and identify potential risky activities.

IPQualityScore’s real-time user registration and transaction verification software helps businesses to detect fraudulent activity with the help of predictive scoring tools. These tools analyze the likelihood of a user engaging in fraudulent behavior and can identify fraudsters, chargebacks, fake accounts and more.

IPQualityScore in Focus: A Closer Look at User Ratings

The company’s advanced fraud prevention solution, IPQ Score, allows businesses to automate quality controls for user registrations, payments & transactions, and logins without interfering with the customer experience. The platform uses an IP reputation database to provide users with data such as how likely it is that a given IP address is engaged in suspicious activities. It also shows whether it has a history of abuse across the threat network.

IPQ Score’s anti-fraud tools also include proxy and VPN detection, device fingerprinting and email verification to help e-commerce companies protect their business against fraudsters, boost sales and generate higher ROI. This is made possible through the software’s ability to provide a comprehensive and accurate analysis of an IP address, including risk scores, connections, abuse history and more. The system also helps in identifying suspicious activities and can automatically block and blacklist those who are likely to commit fraud.

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